James T. Reason

Human factors are crucial in critical situations.

The Manila Amendments to the IMO Convention on Standards of Training
Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) recommend teamwork,
communication and leadership training for all deck and engine officers. Not
without good reason as, according to EMSA, 62% of all ship accidents are
due to human error. Furthermore, root cause analysis clearly shows that
mistakes are in no way only attributable to the lack of training or negligence
of individual employees. The real factors that determine your ship‘s safety,
and whether clear-headed action is taken, particularly in critical situations,
are to a great extent to be found at the level of group dynamics.
Internal communication, situational awareness, stress management, decision
making ability and calm and effective team action are all critically important.
Human Factors are therefore the main factors that determine the safety
and well-being of your ship and her employees, passengers and cargo. With
specially tailored Bridge Resource Management Coaching, we bring teams
together emotionally, strengthen team spirit and establish an atmosphere
of collaborative co-operation. We combine up-to-date research from the
communication sciences with extensive experience of Human Factor Training
and add state-of-the-art tools and techniques from the coaching sector.
Below you will find our training and coaching formats. Working in
partnership with us places you in an ideal position to work proactively on
the safety and security of your individual teams and your whole vessels,
and therefore, your entire organisation. You will be able to minimize the
likelihood of disruption, of pollution and of cost (in both human and financial
terms). You can project a more positive and stable image of your company
and its economic future. In addition, you are actively investing in the
development of your individual employees and your teams. We provide
a level of skill sustainability which exceeds other dry training or simulation
exercises. A long-lasting and worthwhile investment.

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