Onboard Individual Coaching

Languages:             German, English

Duration:                5 - 7 days

Content:                 The focus of this coaching is the assessment of an individual                                   performer under real working conditions. The employee is                                       discreetly observed during his daily operation. Working
                              together, coach and participant discuss and evaluate feedback                                 and develop optimisation measures.
                              Attitudes and behavioural patterns are reflected upon. The                                     advantage of this approach is the ability to respond to the                                       specific requirements of the individual. The Master or Senior                                   Officer will acquire effective and enduring skills that can be                                     easily and readily transferred to actual operational situations.
                              A level of skill sustainability which exceeds any other dry                                         training or simulation exercise.




  • Profiling to core competencies & resilience factors
  • Personal Assessment of non-technical skills with NOTECHS
  • Shadowing (targeted monitoring of performance during daily   operations)
  • Feedback on leadership, self-understanding, management,
  • communication styles, motivation
  • Short training sessions, conveniently timed to fit in with daily operations
  • Daily individual coaching
  • Individual stressor coaching based on test performance
  • Self-imperative coaching for communication and behaviour
  • in the team (emotion, affects, key-stimulus)
  • Resilience coaching: Strengthening individual resilience factors
  • Communication coaching: attitude, styles, automatisms
  • Analysis of individual ground motives according to REISS
  • Drill assessment & performance feedback on situation awareness,
  • teamwork, team spirit, delegation behaviour, communication,
  • motivation, conflict management
  • Objectives Reflection on personal behaviour and contribution to the team
  • Optimisation of communication skills, improved BRM understanding
  • Focus on the importance of human factors in ship operations
  • Building personal strengths and self-efficacy
  • Targeted resilience building

Methods                 Assessment, feedback, one-to-one coaching

Format                   Onboard coaching

Participants           Master, Deck/Engine Officers, Chief Engineer, 2nd                                          Engineer, ...

Certificate              Individual-BRM-Coaching



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