Bridge Resource Management & Human Factors for Pilots

Languages:             German, English

Duration:                5 days

Content:                 The focus of the training is to provide a solid understanding of                                 the basic principles of BRM with the aim of increasing                                             awareness of attitudes and behavioural patterns so that they                                   may be reflected upon. One-to-one coaching sessions adapted                                 to individual requirements complete the training. Complies with                               the requirements of IMO Reg. A.96


  • Communication styles, reaction patterns, self-understanding
  • Intercultural communication, differing behaviours and attitudes
  • Human Error, Error Chains
  • SOP
  • REASON model
  • Case studies
  • Performance limits and stress, resilience
  • Situation awareness, decision-making models
  • Teamwork, delegation, team spirit
  • Communication, motivation
  • Resilience training & exercises for strengthening individual resistance
  • Simulation 1 and 2: Behaviour assessment with NOTECHS
  • plus 360° feedback
  • Objectives Reflection and optimisation of communication style
  • Focus on the importance of human factors for ship operations
  • Understand the principles and benefits of BRM
  • Practice in dealing with conflicts, personal stressors and
  • individual behaviours
  • Targeted resilience development

Methods                Lessons, discussions, workshop, case studies, team                                         exercises, simulations

Format                  Shoreside training

Participants          Pilots, Mooring Masters

Certificate             Certificate of BRM - competency

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