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Our team consists exclusively of qualified personnel who are reliable and competent for you.

Jürgen Neff
Coach, Resilience Trainer, BRM-Trainer


Since University, I have continuously found myself in emotionally charged environments and in
areas that are characterised by a high level of fluctuation, frequent team changes and extremely stressful working conditions. Following a period of 7 years at sea, I began my career as a Coach and Trainer in 2014 from which time I have been working with both individual executives and larger teams within the cruise and maritime sectors.

My core themes are the promotion of independent, motivational communication and team bonding as well as the development of clear decision-making skills. I specialise in resilience and inner strength training for stressful situations, specifically in delicate or high-risk team contexts.
Through the use of my communication training and coaching, I bring leaders and their teams
together emotionally, establish and streamline positive group dynamics and encourage team
bonding. I aim to create a cooperative and collaborative atmosphere whilst minimizing mistakes and encouraging team spirit and enthusiasm.



 Jörn Oberndörfer
Pilot, Coach und CRM-Trainer


My 25 years as a helicopter pilot have enabled me to gain experience in many areas of global crisis. Various aid and military assignments have taken me to many places around the world.
I have personally experienced the importance of teamwork and seen how good decision-making processes are crucial in order to survive time-critical situations. As a direct result of these experiences, I have long been interested in the limitations of human performance and how it may be improved. My focus is on the non-technical skills of each individual. As an expert in crew resource management, I have been training pilots and air crew members in all relevant Human Factor topics for many years. I am also an experienced Business Coach.



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